About Us President's Message

Being entrusted to be at the helm of JPSFA for the term 2017-2018, I, together with my team of dedicated committee will strive for the betterment of the Association despite challenging times ahead.

Though the industry has settled in to the GST system, there will inevitably be issues raised occasionally due to on-going varying interpretations. On this note, JPSFA remains a channel for our members to seek resolution when the need arises.

Many changes are also expected as we embrace the uCustoms implementation expected in January 2018. With this, we expect many changes in the way of forwarding agent declaring their cargo. It should save manpower if everything goes on smoothly.

In addition, the CDN paperless system at Johor Port since 15th February 2017has seen much lesser papers flying around other than cost savings for shipping lines to print documents. Forwarders and truckers can now reduce workload and time, hence allowing for more productivity. Johor Port has also upgraded its security with the implementation of PEP and CCTV to cater for the CDN paperless system. This is good for the industry as a whole.

The Association membership continues to grow steadily with its current 125 members. For this term, we will focus on the following for the benefit of our members.

  • Arrange hard and soft skills training courses required by the industry.
  • Provide information and updates relating to the industry from government agencies and ports.
  • Have an impact on the development of regulation and operational issues.
  • Engaging with staff of member companies via our Facebook link on Association’s events and activities.
Given the challenging business environment facing the shipping and forwarding companies, it is even more crucial than ever to have an active and collective representation which we trust that members can find in JPSFA.

Last but not least, we are proud to have been established for 25 years as we celebrate our Silver Jubilee on 3 November 2017. We look forward to strengthening our image and reputation with the continued support from our members and business partners.

Thank you.

Stephanie Lim